Jeff Heotzler 2a, Anthony Perrego 55

In one of the most exciting feature events in recent memory, The Jeffer and young-gun Anthony Perrego put on quite the driving display on Friday night at the Accord Speedway.

The Jeffer started on the inside of row 5 and quickly made early moves to enter the top 5 around lap 10.

The last 15 laps saw an epic battle between The Jeffer in the Academy Transmissions 2a and Perrego in the NYTP 55, as they sliced and diced, swapping 2nd place numerous times while at the same time, running down the leader.

With 5 laps to go, The Jeffer caught the leader and was ready to make his move.

The door was closed multiple times and with only 2 to go, The Jeffer had great position heading into turn one. He was squeezed by the leader who was trying to fend off his challenge and, at the same time, a lap car came into play coming off the corner. Meanwhile, Perrego was sitting in the catbird seat and was able to seize the opportunity and take the lead.

The yellow came out on the last lap, giving The Jeffer one last shot. He made the most of it and crossed-over the 2nd place driver coming out of turn 2 and completed the pass down the back stretch.

Regardless of coming up one spot short, it was a tremendous effort and a very exciting race for the fans.

Special Thanks to the Schrufer Racing team for their hard work and dialing in the car for the feature.

If Mother Nature cooperates, we’ll be at the Thunder Mountain Speedway tomorrow night (Sunday 7/12) for the Wade Decker Memorial 50 lapper!

The Jeffer Jeff Heotzler 2a

For the second consecutive week, The Jeffer piloted the Academy Transmissions, Schrufer Racing 2a to a 6th place finish in the 30 lap modified feature at the Accord Speedway.

The Jeffer was knocking on the door of both the 4th and 5th place competitors with a handful of laps left but just simply ran out of time.

The 2a team is back at it again next Friday at Accord and the day before, Thursday the 3rd, you can find The Jeffer and the 14H big-block at the Bridgeport Speedway for round #3 of the Poker Series.


The Jeffer Jeff Heotzler at the Accord Speedway

The Jeffer and the Academy Transmission, Schrufer Racing team continue to string together solid finishes, as The Jeffer posted another top 10, this time with a 6th place effort at the Accord Speedway.

Starting 11th in the feature, The Jeffer took advantage of multiple restarts in the early stages of the 30 lap feature to sneak near the top 5. As the laps clicked off, it seemed as though the left rear tire on the 2a started to give up as The Jeffer had his hands full for the last 10 laps of the race. When it was all said and done, the 2a Teo Pro Car crossed the finish line in 6th place.

The team looks to keep things going next Friday night at the 1/4 mile bullring!

Jeff Heotzler - Accord Speedway

After more than a month of rainouts at the Accord Speedway, the weather finally turned around and was ideal for Friday night’s action at the Ulster County Bullring.

The Jeffer and the Schrufer 2a team continue to work very well together and put forth another very solid top 5 finish.

In the early going of the 30 lap feature, The Jeffer dropped as far back as 11th as the team decided to go with a harder compound tire on the right rear. But, as the heat started to build in the RR sneaker, The Jeffer and the 2a came alive and was able to mow through the field, using the bottom lane to pick off the competition.

The Jeffer snuck into 4th place with 5 laps to go and set sights on the leaders but there just wasn’t enough laps to make anything happen.

The 2a team will be right back at it next Friday at the Accord Speedway and will be looking to keep up the momentum!

Jeff Heotzler at the Bridgeport Speeday

Finally… Finally The Jeffer got the Bridgeport monkey off of his back and finished a feature event, even collecting a top 5 finish in the process.

It’s been a tough couple of seasons for The Jeffer at Bridgeport. Since teaming up with Ronnie Roberts last year, Heotzler has made numerous trips down to the superfast 5/8ths mile but with little to nothing to show for it.

A list of bizarre happenings kept the 14H from ever finishing a single race. The worst part about it was that the 14H was very quick in almost all of those instances.

However, at the Wingate Classic, things started to take a turn for the better.

The Jeffer finished in 3rd in the 3rd heat which sent him to the all important redraw. Surprisingly, he redrew 4th and would start the 40 lap event from the outside of row 2.

Tire choice was the name of the game and the 14H team may have went a little too soft for the feature event. For the first half of the race, The Jeffer was just trying to hold on, at one point falling back to 7th, but a mid race yellow helped to turn things around.

After using the caution laps to cool his rear tires, The Jeffer pounced on the ensuing restart, picking back off the positions he lost earlier.

With 10 to go, The Jeffer was comfortably in 5th place, where he would end up when the checkered flew.

We’d like to thank Ronnie and Fay and the entire Roberts Racing/Watt Racing team for their continued support. We are very happy to finally have a decent showing at your home track and look forward to doing it all again!

Jeff Heotzler at Thunder Mountain enroute to a 6th place finish!

Sometimes, luck does fall The Jeffer’s way. With over 70 modifieds racing for only 30 starting spots in the 50 lap ‘Lightning on the Mountain’ feature event, it helps to have a good starting spot in the heat race.

The Jeffer walked through the gate at Thunder Mountain, a track where he’s never been, and drew #5 out of 100, which ultimately lined him up on the pole of heat #5.

The Jeffer then took care of business and won his heat in the Schrufer #2a, sending him to the redraw.

His luck ran seemed to reverse a bit during the redraw as The Jeffer redrew the 10th starting spot but nonetheless, a decent position to be in at the drop of the green.

The Jeffer battled early to stay in the top 10, falling back to 12th at one point after getting hung out of the outside on a couple of early double-file restarts. As the laps ticked on, The Jeffer picked up the pace, and used a great move in turns 1 and 2 to pick off 4 cars to climb into the 6th position.

The 2a would stay solidly in 6th until the checkered flag dropped, more importantly scoring another strong effort to pair with the 5th place finish earlier in the spring at the NDRL Super Series Race #1 at Orange County. The Jeffer now sits 3rd in points in the Super Series with 4 events to go, as the top drivers in the Northeast battle for the $10,000+ top prize.

The Jeffer will be back in action aboard to 2a at the Accord Speedway on Friday and also in the Roberts’ Racing 14H big block at the Bridgeport Speedway on Sunday for the 2nd leg of the Poker Series.



On Friday night, The Jeffer captured his 50th Accord Speedway modified feature win as he went wire to wire in the heldover feature event at the Ulster County Bullring. A track he dominated in the 1980s, once winning 16 out of 22 races in a single season, The Jeffer moved away from weekly competition at the Accord Speedway after the 1986 season to focus on big block modified racing. Over the past few seasons with limited appearances, The Jeffer has been able to pick up an additional 5 wins in the JHR J17 and finally, on Friday night May 2nd, he notched his 50th in the Schrufer Racing 2a!

We’d like to thank Mel, George, Smith, Josh and the entire Schrufer Racing family for their hard work and for the opportunity to race great equipment.

However, with the highs, also come the lows. The low point of the evening was during the regularly scheduled feature event, where The Jeffer found himself on the hook of the tow-truck for a 2nd time in 3 races at Accord. Two competitors collided going down the backstretch, leaving one car with a broken front end which shot him down the track into the Schrufer 2a which ultimately ended up in the opening of the turn 3 concrete barrier, snapping the front axle of the car.

We have a quick ride with the Schrufer 2a and really are looking forward to next Friday! Thanks to all of our fans for the support!


Jeff Heotzler Wins at the Orange County Fair Speedway - April 19th, 2014

For the 48th time in his career driving a big block modified at the Orange County Fair Speedway, The Jeffer found himself in victory lane. This time it was a bit more special, as it was the first win aboard the Ron Roberts Racing owned 14H and, with the win, moved The Jeffer into 3rd all-time in the OCFS modified win total behind only Frankie Schneider and Brett Hearn. 

Taking advantage of his row front starting spot, The Jeffer seized control of the lead on lap 1 and never looked back. A couple of late race cautions made things a bit interesting but The Jeffer never faltered and was able to cruise the Array of Monograms sponsored, Roberts Racing 14H Teo Pro Car across the stripe for the checkered flags.

A very special “Thank You” to Ronnie and Fay and the entire 14 racing family for giving us this opportunity. We are so happy to finally be able to get you all a “W”!

To all of our fans, friends, and family, have a Happy Easter and we’ll see you later on today at the Bridgeport Speedway!

At the end of a long day/night at the Five Mile Point Speedway, The Jeffer and his Academy Transmissions 2A Teo Pro Car survived all 100 laps and took home another top 10 finish, taking the checkered flag in 8th place. The day started out with a poor draw, #83, meaning that The Jeffer would start last (luckily 7th) in his heat race, having to advance to 4th to qualify for the 100 lap main event directly from his heat. After 2 laps, The Jeffer was in 5th, stalking the 4th place runner. With 3 to go, The Jeffer made his move and took the final transfer spot which ultimately lined him up to start 17th in the 100 lap main.

The first 50 laps of the race saw many cautions and took what seemed to be an eternity to complete. At that point, The Jeffer was just riding, content to stay around 12th position, waiting for the latter stages of the race to make a charge. At the halfway refueling break, The Jeffer sat in 11th position. When the next 50 laps started, The Jeffer picked off a few more cars and settled in to 8th position. For the remaining laps, 4-9th positions stayed nose to tail, unable to make a move on one another. Luckily, the 2A made it through the entire 100 laps unscathed and is ready to battle again this Friday at the Accord Speedway.

This is set to be a busy week for the Jeff Heotzler Racing team as The Jeffer is racing Friday at Accord (2a small block), Saturday at OCFS (14H big block) and wrapping up the weekend on Sunday at the Bridgeport Speedway for the RoC Series Doug Hoffman 60 Over Memorial (14H big block)!

Jeff Heotzler Small Block Modified 2a

Patience was the name of the game Sunday at the inaugural Hard Clay Open at the Orange County Fair Speedway.

The Jeffer decided to go with the Schrufer Racing 2A small block on Sunday after bringing both the 2a and the 14H big block cars to OCFS’s practice session the day before.

With it being a day race, the team figured a small block may fare better on the “Hard Clay”, especially when it came to tire wear.

After picking 59 out of 100, The Jeffer lined up 6th in the 3rd heat and had to get to 3rd to qualify directly into the 50 lap feature. He made quick work of 3 competitors and settled into 3rd by lap 3, where he would finish the 8 lap heat.

When it was feature time, The Jeffer rolled off the grid in 15th place. Slowly and steadily he began to pick off positions one by one, being sure to stay smooth to keep tire wear at a minimum. As the laps clicked off, The Jeffer meticulously carved through the field, glued to the guardrails on the bottom of each corner. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and concentration when navigating the tricky 5/8s mile on a hard, single groove racing surface as one mistake can mean losing multiple spots.

Restarts proved to be the most challenging as dusty conditions limited visibility and drivers fought hard for the bottom lane entering the first corner.

Despite being shuffled back to 10th on a restart around lap 35, The Jeffer clawed his way back forward, regaining the spots he lost and setting his sights on the leaders.

As the laps winded down, it seemed the faster the Academy Transmissions 2a got. The Jeffer stuck his nose underneath the 4th place running car on the last lap but just didn’t have the time to make it happen. The Jeffer took the checkered on lap 50 in 5th place, sealing a great effort by the Schrufer Racing team.

Next weekend will be a busy one as both the Accord Speedway and Orange County Fair Speedway open up their regular seasons. The Jeffer will look to continue the momentum with the 2A on Friday night at Accord and will pilot the Roberts Racing 14H on Saturday at OCFS.

It was good to see such a tremendous turnout of fans at OCFS today, we hope to see everyone back out next weekend as well!

*Thank you to Bobby Armbruster for the photo!