The Jeffer Wins #50 at Accord Speedway!

On Friday night, The Jeffer captured his 50th Accord Speedway modified feature win as he went wire to wire in the heldover feature event at the Ulster County Bullring. A track he dominated in the 1980s, once winning 16 out of 22 races in a single season, The Jeffer moved away from weekly competition at the Accord Speedway after the 1986 season to focus on big block modified racing. Over the past few seasons with limited appearances, The Jeffer has been able to pick up an additional 5 wins in the JHR J17 and finally, on Friday night May 2nd, he notched his 50th in the Schrufer Racing 2a!

We’d like to thank Mel, George, Smith, Josh and the entire Schrufer Racing family for their hard work and for the opportunity to race great equipment.

However, with the highs, also come the lows. The low point of the evening was during the regularly scheduled feature event, where The Jeffer found himself on the hook of the tow-truck for a 2nd time in 3 races at Accord. Two competitors collided going down the backstretch, leaving one car with a broken front end which shot him down the track into the Schrufer 2a which ultimately ended up in the opening of the turn 3 concrete barrier, snapping the front axle of the car.

We have a quick ride with the Schrufer 2a and really are looking forward to next Friday! Thanks to all of our fans for the support!


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