Flat Tires Spoil A Good Run At OCFS’s Hard Clay Open

Jeff Heotzler Battles Gary Edwards in the 2016 OCFS Hard Clay Open on April 2nd, 2016.

After rebounding from last to 6th in 10 laps after a right rear flat tire on lap 38 of 50, The Jeffer cut down another tire, this time with only 2 laps to go. What would have been a strong start to the Short Track Super Series, turned in to a disappointing outing aboard the Roberts Racing 14h. A scoring blunder recorded The Jeffer as 2 laps down, however, the team is challenging the official rundown as the 14h never went down a lap under green. His 2 pitstops occurred under yellow, which happened to take place on the same laps several other drivers pitted, who were all scored on the lead lap.

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